Monday, January 25, 2010

Cheat Damage Dota

Now dota allstars launch map v6.61-6.66. Don’t worry, you get cheat dota allstars map 6.61. To active dota allstar are -ma (space)(space)

Below list cheat dota v6.61-6.66 :
-t : Tower GLYMPH infinity
-gold # Devour gives extra gold (Doom)
-speed # Thirst infinity (Blood) - Private Use Only
-hole # Black hole infinity (Enigma)

To use it, your download the file and extract it to your warcraft file then open dota map and insert it. Remember, change # with number you like (1-999999)

download map dota v6.61 - 6.66

thx evilking

*Source CheatGame


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